Cornerstone Pregnancy Care Services
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Our Mission
CPCS is a non-profit pregnancy care service. CPCS Mission is to help women choose physical life for their unborn children and eternal life for their own souls, to promote abstinence, and educate people about sexually transmitted diseases; and heal the broken hearts of those suffering the effects of a past abortion.


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Our Core Values
Because we know that God has raised up this ministry and we are simply stewards we have set for ourselves scriptural Core Values that we will not turn from. They are non-negotiables while running this ministry. They are as follows.

1. Salvation by Grace through Faith in Christ Alone --- Employees and volunteers of CPCS profess, believe, and uphold its official Statement of Faith with their words and conduct.

2. Sanctity of Human Life --- Human life begins at conception and ends with natural death. Every fetus is a person created in God's image for His good purpose and pleasure.

3. The Gospel Mandate --- The deepest need of all people is to be reconciled to God through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We are compelled by Christ's love and commanded by His word to share the gospel.

4. Compassion --- All CPCS clients are treated with the mercy, grace, and love of Jesus Christ. We do not harass, condemn, or agitate to achieve political or social ends. We show unconditional love, dignity, value and respect to all people.

5. Confidentiality --- All information shared by our clients is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of CPCS for any reason.